100% honest before/after photos & Reviews

We do not photoshop, put filters on or use photos of
models who get their makeup and hair professional done.
Our before and after photos as well as reviews are 100% authentic.
Our medical business philosophy to show real people.

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Why CHUNGDAM i is a leader?

Through tens of thousands of clinical tests and studies,
we have developed a double eyelid natural adhesion method,
a double-loop ptosis correction, a hybrid incision method,
a 3 point nano fat transplantation ,etc.
We are constantly learning and creating new procedures that minimize flaws and
maximize strengths. Our goal is to achieve the best results and
be creative leaders in our industry.

끊임없는 연구와 노하우를 바탕으로 여러분야에서 뛰어남을 인정받고 있습니다

Tens of thousands of clinical tests and studies

    Ptosis Correction

  • Hybrid Incision

  • Transform 3D

  • Double eyelid
    Natural Adhesion

  • 3 point
    Nano Fat


Collaboration in beautification

With the power of collaboration we are able to give systematic medical treatment. From plastic surgery,
dermatology and aesthetics our highly skilled exclusive medical team provides safe procedures.
Patients can expect more effective result,
from consultation to post-surgery care you will cared for by people at CHUNGDAM i.
Safer and more beautiful results! It is possible at CHUNGDAM i.



성형외과, 피부과 다이어그램
  • 석정훈 원장

    석정훈 원장

  • 이중호 원장

    이중호 원장

  • 한지영 원장

    한지영 원장

  • 정동우 원장

    정동우 원장

  • 유지윤 원장

    유지윤 원장


At CHUNGDAM i safety is first

We place our patients safety first by utilizing various kinds of high-tech medical equipment.
All surgical equipment passes through thorough sterilization and we also
equip high-end Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) devices in case of an emergency.

More informations

Safety System

  • 무정전 전원공급장치UPS

    UPS (Uninterruptable Power supply)

  • 심장 자동제세동기

    Automatic Cardiac Defibrillator

  • 수술팀 전원 심폐소생술 및 AED 교육 이수

    Our entire medical team is CPR & AED Trained


Increasing medical presence

Plastic surgeons and dermatologist from abroad come to get educated at CHUNGDAM i. We have demonstrated surgical procedures and have presented at more than 20 international medical conferences. Plastic surgeons and dermatologist from all around the attend seminars that we present at. We are constantly being written about in American and Domestic journals for plastic surgeons. Each and every year CHUNGDAM i has been increasing its global and medical presence.

Increasing medical presence

청담i에 공부하러 온 해외 성형외과 전문의,피부과등 여러 전문의들 사진


Using only FDA & KFDA approved product

CHUNGDAM i only uses FDA & KFDA approved product for all of its cosmetic and surgical procedures.
Also we only use the correct dose with disposable cosmetic and surgical supplies like our cannulas.

  • 모든 시술 및 수술에 일회용 캐눌라, 일회용 글러브 사용

    모든 시술 및 수술에 일회용 캐눌라, 일회용 글러브 사용

  • 끝이 무딘 안전바늘 사용

    끝이 무딘 안전바늘 사용

아이돌 사진


Always care for people

Ever since CHUNGDAM i Plastic Surgery / Dermatology has opened we have been giving back to the community.
We have been offering our medical talents through public welfare work and have donated to more than 20 charitable organizations such as,
Good Neighbors, Holt Children's Services Inc, Holy Family Child Adoption Center, LOVEFEAST, UNHCR, Holy Family Welfare Hospital,
Miral Welfare Foundation, NGO Hope Soccer public welfare organization and World Share ,etc.
The love and support we get at CHUNGDAM i from our customers is greatly appreciated and we feel that we must give some of the love back to our community.

  • 표창장
  • 감사장
  • 감사장
  • 감사패


Official registration of Minister of Health and Welfare

Through strict evaluation from the Korean Health Industry Development Institute,
We have completed the official registration from the
Minister of Health and Welfare (foreign patient attract medical institution)
as a Specialized Plastic Surgery Center.

We will not settle but continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction
and move forward worldwide delivering our high satisfaction results.



Our Organization and Business agreements to give back to society

We have been serving our community by signing business agreements with the Ministry of Justice, Yangju Immigration Office, Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Northern Gyeonggi branch office of Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, UCSW, Uijeongbu YMCA, Multicultural Family Support Center, Wfuture, Yangjusi Muhan Dolbom Hangbok/ heemang Center( Infinite care happy/hope center) and Uijeongbu Volunteer Center.

We also have been fostering and cultivating young talent by cooperating with Seoul Hoseo career college, Kyungmin University and Uijeongbusi Youth Training Center.

CHUNGDAM i Plastic Surgery shares in your love and care of society.


Chungdam-i Plastic Surgery / Dermatology Clinic

6th , 7th, 12th floor of Gayeon Tower
21, Sinheung-ro 240beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea

No. 2 Exit, Uijeongbu subway station